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Internal online communities: create as many as you want?

I had a conversation today with someone who wanted to increase the use of the internal collaboration communities at her company. By “collaboration communities” I mean online communities that you find in IBM Connections, IBM LotusLive,  or a discussion forum as you might find in Jive, or a Socialtext Workspace ( I am trying to be technology- agnostic ). One of the things we discussed was whether or not the employees could just make any kind of new community at will, or whether the creation of new communities had to be approved by someone. One way of thinking is that the number of communities should be restricted – fewer overlapping communities, less for an admin to manage, less of a headache when it comes to archival, retention, etc. But are those concerns mitigated depending on the quality of the admin and archival/retention tools you have? Another way of thinking is that  any employee can create a new community ( public or private). What do YOU think? What have YOU decided to do for your own internal situations?  What should an organization’s stance be on  this matter if they really want to try to move people out o f “Collaboration via email” and into Community-based collaboration?  AT my current organization, we’re discussing what is the most appropriate choice.



A blog about collaboration and social media adoption

I’ve been blogging for about  6 years, mainly on That blog was mainly to gather feedback from our many constituents about the design of Lotus Notes, including the integration of various social business features such as  microblogging in the sidebar. That blog was very specific to certain technology.

In this blog I’d like to explore and discuss some (technology-agnostic) issues concerning getting people to “do” social business/adopt social media etc. Driving social business/social media adoption is a part of my job, so I”ll readily admit that I hope  this blog will give me some good insights and ideas.