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What do I have in common with 102 teenages and 50 gallons of juice?

The “Fast for Social Action” is taking place this weekend at  St. John Newumann Church in Merrimack, NH. We have 102 teenages signed up to go 30 hours with no food to raise money.  (They can drink juice though.) The money goes to 6 area agencies. Each of the agencies comes and does a presentation during the 30 hours, so the kids learn where the money is going. 

This is the 16th year we’ve done it – and I’ve volunteered in som eway each year. In the past few, my kids were old enough to participate, and it’s been a lot of fun (in between the hungry cranky parts).  The best part is the “break-fast” dinner on Saturday evening, not just because we get to eat, but because  I’ve seen new friendships start to form, and the community grow.

Here’s last year’s crew – and this year there are even more kids!



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