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What do the American Presidential election and #SXSW have in common?

Everyone knows that the United States of America has a presidential election this November. And everyone who’s connected to the internet knows that the South by South West (SXSW) conference  is allowing people to vote on conference sessions until the end of August. In other words,  between the presidential election and SXSW, I am constantly barraged with requests (supplications/shameless begging in some cases)  for my VOTE.


What if a presidential election were run like an SXSW panel?  Each candidate would have to  explain his or her platform in one paragraph ( like  this one from Alan Cooper about UI design, or this one from Ceclia Weckstrom about LEGO and creativity) with a list of 5 .. FIVE, yes JUST FIVE  questions that will be answered. That is all. Then we vote.


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