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Reflections on One Year as a UX Director

Congratulations to my team for enduring me for a year! It has been an eventful year for me at EMC. I started as the director of User Experience Design in the ASD (Advanced Software division) one year ago today – with lots of plans to increase customer input and to leverage social media to inform the design of products.

We have made some good progress. I have one designer who said she worked here for 9 years and had not done a customer visit. Within 3 months of me starting – she had done a customer visit, and has done several since then as well! I have another designer who I pushed to really partner with the field, and she has, and she says she really has a much better understanding of how people use our products!

On the other hand, I am very disappointed in the fact that our use of social media, such as our UX blog (at does not have very many views and even fewer comments. This is very different than when I worked on Lotus Notes and my very first blog post got over 70 comments! Maybe Storage admins are not social. Maybe we need to figure out how to involve them in other ways.

If you are an EMC customer, I welcome any suggestions you have about how to get feedback from YOU. (Don’t forget! you can register to be a usability test participant here!


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