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Had Fun Being a “Guest Reviewer” in a Harvard Business School Class

Over the past 2 weeks, I had the opportunity to be a “guest reviewer” in Professor Tom Eisenmann’s  product management class  at the Harvard School of Business. The students had formed groups and come up with products ideas, and my role was to provide feedback on the design of their software product. Several other UX designers had been invited, too, so that each team had 30 to 45 minutes to really do in detail into their product. Here I am with Professor Tom and one of the students:


It was a lot of fun to hear about the product ideas and talk about their business models. Some teams had already fleshed out detailed interaction designs,  complete with Balsamiq click-through demos for me.  Others came with blank sheets of paper and we sketched as we talked.

The class took place in the Harvard Innovation Center, in a really cool room that was east to rearrange for small or large groups. (I wish i had a room like this for my team at work!).

I’d like to thank my former colleague Suzanne Livingston for this opportunity- she’s working with Professor Tom on this class and it was her idea to invite in some real-word UX designers to provide feedback. Great idea, Suze, and I’d be happy to do it again.

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